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- Droid RAZR
- Droid Bionic
- Atrix 2

D-WiZ for XT910
- with PDroid 2.0
- without PDroid 2.0
- D-WiZ JBX 2.1
- D-WiZ JBX 1.0.4

D-WiZ for XT912
- with PDroid 2.0
- without PDroid 2.0
- D-WiZ JBX 2.1
- D-WiZ JBX 1.0.4

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D-WiZ Rom is deprecated!

D-WiZ Rom was made especially for saving battery on your Android device! Most roms are coming without real battery saving tweaks. So the D-WiZ Dev Team created a rom with lots of special tweaks.

D-WiZ Rom is deprecated for now!


The JBX-Kernel is in heavy development and reached a stable state!

Available for:

  • Droid RAZR (Android 4.2, 4.3, 4.4)
  • Droid Bionic (Android 4.4)
  • Atrix 2 (Android 4.2, 4.3, 4.4)

Some features:

- Custom Voltage - Live Overclock - Underclock - Custom OPP-Table - GPU Overclocked - Addded new GPU Scaling Step - GPU Overclock User Interface - SD-Card Write/Read Speed Increased - RAM Management - FS Management - Fsync Support - Increased Performance - Support for Trickster Mod App - Increased and great Battery Life ---- Check the XDA-Link below for further details!

Download JBX-Kernel

D-WiZ JBX 1.0.4 Final!

D-WiZ JBX 2.1 KeXeC

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